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5 Keys to Attracting Sales

July 02, 20225 min read

Obviously, as a business owner, you're well aware that clients are your lifeblood. Your company's vision can be fulfilled when you have a steady stream of new customers - you can't run a business without customers.

However, attracting new customers is not something that happens automatically. Keeping them engaged, capturing their attention, and provoking their interest is the key to success. To increase sales and attract customers, your business needs an inbound marketing plan.

5 Important Ways to Attract More Sales

1. Offer a freebie to entice new customers
When you're starting a business on a small budget, giving away free products doesn't seem like the best business strategy. But this is one case in which you can make more money later through inbound marketing.

Customers will come to your store if you offer discounts or free items. If new customers make their first purchase from you, you might offer them a discount - maybe 5% off. As an incentive, you can give your current customers $3 off per customer they refer.

If you extend the discount to your original customer, they will come back to benefits from it as well as bringing new customers. If you can increase sales by $10, it's worth cutting it.

Offering a free product in partnership with a business expert is recommended. Several tax preparation companies are partnering with businesses to offer free services.

In exchange for spending a certain amount in a neighboring store, a business can give away free products or discounts to future services. For this tactic to be successful, you need to align yourself with a partner with a similar ideal niche customer.

2. Get referrals
Ask for referrals from your loyal customers once you gain their loyalty. The best way to acquire new customers is to use your current customers. 

To get your customers to recommend your business to their friends, colleagues, and family, you cannot be passive. Get your customers to actively recommend you by providing a systemized approach; getting referrals a central part of your sales process. 

Use email marketing to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases by sending follow-up emails, followed by another email inviting them to refer others. A low sale price may warrant offering incentives.

3. Partner with others
You can benefit from synergy when you partner with businesses that provide complementary services, which can be very beneficial for business development. You may want to team up with a business that builds websites if, for example, your company specializes in SEO.

It is possible for you can create a client base by nurturing relationships with customers and other business owners. You will be more likely to generate referrals from your customers if you have a strong relationship with them. Consequently, the chances of them coming back are greater.

Also, engage influencers, that's people that appeal to an audience through social media. Often, business strategies and goals will align with the influencers a company partners with. 

A product may be promoted by an influencer who uses, wears, or talks about it. Influencers can play a significant role in creating value through direct experience to influence purchasing if the company's products and sales systems are in place. Businesses can reach more customers by partnering with influencers who align with their niche.

4. Improve the look of your business 
When your business is housed in a brick-and-mortar shop, it's important to make sure its exterior sends the right message to passersby. Some things you should consider include:

  • Are you satisfied with the results? 

  • Is it suitable for the location? 

  • Does it seem like it's falling apart or is it in good shape?

Your business should start on the right foot right from the beginning. Instead of neglecting your storefront, take a close look at it and view it through the eyes of a new customer. 

  • Does it have good lighting and a clean atmosphere? 

  • Do you have good signage? 

  • From the road, can it be seen? 

In the same vein, you should maintain the inside of your shop in good condition and design it according to your brand's image and your target customers' taste. Customers should be able to move easily through the shop. It might be possible for you to rearrange some displays in the store so that customers can see more of your products as they are moving through.

This strategy also applies to online businesses. Check out your site from the point of view of the customer. Do you think it looks professional? Are the logos and messaging appropriate for your brand? Check that your site works once you've passed aesthetics. 

All links and information should lead to the right place, payment and shopping mechanisms should function correctly. Using it should also be easy - you want to be able to order and pay as easily as possible. A good-looking business can help increase sales, as well as please existing customers.

5. Take advantage of social media
With the help of social media, companies can connect with their customers in many attractive ways. Posting photos or videos of the products and communicating through comments or messages are ways businesses can share information.

A business's social media presence provides a platform for communicating with customers. Building customer loyalty and elevating customer service require engaging with customers.
You should always be sharing your social media content across the channels you utilize; whether you're creating content, launching a new product, or running a campaign. By providing value and having your customers promote your brand, there's no easier way to grow your customer base.
People (both your customers and non-customers) can talk about your business easily when using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can easily engage them with your products and services by allowing them to share and tweet about them.

Bottom Line
A little PR savvy, common sense, and some clever business moves can help you attract sales. It also takes work - managing social media, email marketing, and reviews sites. Your growing customer base will reward all of that effort. Keep an open mind - experiment to see what works for your company. 

No matter the size of your business, you should provide the same experience to all customers - both new and old. If you serve your customers beyond just selling to them, you'll not only increase sales but also get repeat business and satisfied customers.

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